All of the therapies included in Oasis of Hope California's Integrative Regulatory Therapy program are the result of years of research based on sound scientific theories. Our website contains information about all of our therapies, so you can learn about the reasons behind each of our protocols, and the mechanisms by which they work.

The bottom line, though, for all life-threatening diseases are survival statistics. This is especially true with cancer. In early 2010 we analyzed the survival rates for the first group of patients who went through our Integrative Regulatory Therapy (IRT) program. This program has been in its present form for only four years, so we could only calculate four-year survival rates, instead of the standard five years. However, most patients who come to Oasis of Hope have advanced Stage IV cancer, which means that the cancer has spread (metastasized) from its initial site to distant organs. The usual prognosis for these patients is much poorer than for people diagnosed with earlier stage cancers. Some patients in this analysis had already received conventional or alternative treatment but for many, Oasis of Hope was their first treatment option. Here are the results for five of the most common types of cancer:





As a comparison of the statistics clearly shows, Oasis of Hope patients being treated with IRT have significantly higher survival rates than patients treated with conventional therapies only. Oasis of Hope's comparative survival rates are even more impressive given that the NCI's rates include patients diagnosed with earlier stage cancers, while Oasis' consists only of patients with Stage IV.

Still, even with a 78% four-year survival for Stage IV breast cancer, and 65% for ovarian cancer — three times greater than the national averages — we are far from satisfied. And even though Oasis' survival rates for colorectal cancer are 2.5 times higher than the national average, and for lung cancer 10X higher, they are not near where we want them to be. We think that even one death from cancer is too many.

Oases of Hope's IRT protocols are in a constant state of evolution. Rarely does a month go by that we do not modify them to see if we can improve their efficacy, or add a new element to our therapies.

Although our goal is to help every one of our patients become free of cancer forever, we definitely do not claim that any of our patients have been "cured." Although their cancer might have been eliminated, no one can guarantee that it won't ever come back. However, we continue to make progress toward turning cancer into a chronic disease rather than a fatal one; a disease that can be managed long term, similar to diabetes, where patients live long and productively, with a high quality of life.

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Don't under estimate the healing power of food.  Clinical studies have identified the anti-cancer qualities of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflowr.  What's for dinner.

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