The first component of the Integrative Regulatory Therapy (IRT) is Oxidative Preconditioning Therapy. Oxidants are substances in our body that can damage our cells. Oxidants can be normal waste produced through our cell's normal metabolism — protein-rich meals produce many oxidants — or synthetic chemicals, heavy metals like mercury or any number of toxins. Oxidants do their harm because they are molecularly unstable and "grab" electrons, especially from cell membranes, DNA and mitochondria.

Antioxidants are substances that easily donate electrons, and so neutralize oxidants before they can harm cells. Our body produces natural antioxidants and we can also ingest them in fruit and vegetables and additionally as supplements, such as vitamin C. However, if there are too many oxidants in our body, we may not be able to neutralize them all, which is a condition called oxidative stress.

Chemotherapeutic agents attack cancer cells largely by acting as potent oxidants, but they do not distinguish between malignant and normal cells, and thus damage healthy as well as cancer tissue.

Oxidative Preconditioning Therapy is intended to boost the capacity of the body's normal tissues to withstand the oxidative stress imposed by chemotherapy. Exposing cells to a transient and repeated mild oxidant stress increases the antioxidant defense system — our cells produce more natural antioxidants in response.

A superior method to produce this effect is by breathing pure oxygen while in a pressurized chamber. This is called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, sometimes abbreviated HBO or HBOT. ("Hyper" means "over" and "baric" refers to atmospheric pressure.) Hyperbaric oxygen has actually been in use in a primitive form since the 1600's. However, modern HBOT was developed by the military after World War I, to treat divers with decompression sickness. The work was expanded after WWII and clinical trials during the 1950's revealed a number of beneficial mechanisms from HBO.

The basis of HBOT is a law of physics called Henry's Law, which states that "The solubility of a gas in a liquid is directly proportional to the pressure of that gas above the surface of the solution." What this means in practical terms is that when a person is put in a sealed chamber filled with oxygen, and the pressure of the chamber is increased, then the oxygen will dissolve in the body's blood and other body fluids; the higher the pressure, the more oxygen will be dissolved. This makes it possible to perfuse the body with oxygen in increased amount, and have it carried to tissues that might not be accessible through normal respiration. Of course

Part of Oasis' Oxidative Preconditioning Therapy is to give patients hyperbaric oxygen sessions of 90 minutes, at a pressure of 2.5 atmospheres. We combine these sessions with nutraceuticals and a safe drug called Trental (Pentoxifylline), to augment HBOT's effect. Trental is an FDA-approved drug used to improve the flow of blood by decreasing its viscosity (making it "thinner"), increasing blood flow the microcirculation system and enhancing tissue oxygenation, therefore decreasing the level of hypoxia in the tumor areas.

Repeated hyperbaric oxygen sessions prior to chemotherapy may insure that the body's normal tissues are in much better condition to cope with the oxidative stress imposed by the subsequent chemotherapy. Thus, the intent of Oxidative Preconditioning Therapy is to make chemotherapy more tolerable for the patient while simultaneously improving the ability of the cancer treatment to destroy the tumor.

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