Another component of the Integrative Regulatory Therapy (IRT) is Cell Signal Transduction Therapy. "Signal transduction" refers to the way in which cellular proteins undergo small, and usually reversible, changes in their structure to induce alterations in cell behavior.

The genetic material of cancer cells is typically altered in ways that over-activate intracellular signaling pathways that promote the unregulated growth and spread of cancer cells, and also make them harder to kill with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

IRT uses nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical-grade supplements with medicinal qualities) and nontoxic drugs to interrupt cell-signaling pathways in cancer cells. This slows a cancer cell's ability to grow and to spread to distant organs, and promote the growth of new blood vessels that feed tumors — as well as making them more vulnerable to cytotoxic treatment such as chemotherapy or Vitamin-C therapies.

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Avoid soy products because they act like estrogen in the body which is associated with breast cance

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