Cancer Protocols

Cancer cells are difficult to destroy. They are quick to adapt to toxic environments, they readily alter themselves to assure their continued survival and they utilize biologic mechanisms to promote cellular immortality. All these factors make cancer an extremely difficult disease to treat. It is impossible to design a single cancer treatment that is effective against all types of cancers. For this reason, Oasis of Hope has developed the Integrative Regulatory Therapy (IRT). IRT is a combination of integrative and conventional cancer treatments designed to shrink primary tumors, slow the growth of tumors and eliminate cancer cells that have spread (metastasized) to other parts of your body. At the same time, Integrative Regulatory Therapy protects your normal healthy cells, boosts your immune system, blocks the angiogenic process that supports cancer growth and minimizes cancer-induced cachexia (muscle loss).

IRT is designed so it can be personalized depending on the type of cancer, stage and the physical condition of the patient. The Oasis of Hope board of researchers and physicians are continuously discussing how your treatment is going; they will make the necessary modifications to ensure that your therapy is effective and well tolerated.

Your treatment plan has been developed including the IRT elements that best address your needs. These IRT elements are utilized with the intention of eliminating cancer cells, protecting healthy tissues, slowing cancer growth and supporting you emotionally and spiritually. Let us share with you what the Oasis of Hope difference is by giving you an overview of IRT by breaking down each of the treatment components:

Oxidative Preconditioning

Cytotoxic Treatments

Cell Signal Transduction Therapy

Redox Regulatory Therapy

Immune Stimulation

Diet & Exercise

Emotional Support

Spiritual Support

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Avoid soy products because they act like estrogen in the body which is associated with breast cance

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