At Oasis of Hope we provide our patients with a comprehensive home care treatment program. This program is specifically designed for your continued recovery, importantly assisted with the unconditional support from our medical staff. With most cancer treatments it is necessary to wait for a period of time in order to evaluate how the body has responded to the therapies. In addition, it is it is vital to give the body a few weeks to heal in order to gain strength, not just to well tolerate but also to optimally benefit from further treatment. The personalized home care treatment program is also designed to help support your immune system between the initial and any subsequent cancer treatments.

The tumor-retardant strategies employed at the Oasis of Hope home care treatment program have several goals:

Challenge the growth of cancerous cells by intervening directly in signaling pathways that make cancer grow more rapidly and aggressively
Boost the capacity of white blood cells -- natural killer ("NK") cells and T-cells -- to prevent the spread of cancer and the establishment of new sites (metastases).

Upon arrival our patients will meet with their attending physician who will guide them through their personalized treatment at Oasis of Hope California, and answer any of their questions.

During treatment at the clinic, we will give our patients the tools to properly continue a healthy lifestyle and successfully follow their personalized at-home treatment regimen. This is a cost-effective method for our patients to continue therapy for an extended period of time. In almost every case, our medical staff has observed that patients who make a real commitment to the program achieve the best results.

Before departing, all patients will meet with their attending physician to discuss the details of their home care treatment, as well as subsequent treatment at the Oasis of Hope California Center.

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Ocologists only provide three options: chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.  Read Dr. Contreras's book "Beating Cancer" will teach you twenty natural steps you can take to overcome the failings of cancer. The book is available at www.ultrahealth.us

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