What Options Do I have?

Q: I've just been diagnosed with cancer. My oncologist says that I should immediately start receiving chemotherapy, but I am afraid, and would prefer alternative treatments. What can Oasis of Hope do?

A: Many people are scared of chemotherapy, and think that all chemotherapy is bad. But chemotherapy does work extremely well for many patients. And the Oasis of Hope "Integrative Regulatory Therapy" is designed to significantly reduce any side effects of chemo, while actually enhancing its effectiveness – and prevent reoccurrence. This is definitely something you might want to learn about. The point, though, is to get a comprehensive treatment program customized precisely for you: One that provides you with the most effective medical care possible, and meets all your personal needs.

For more information on the Oasis of Hope Integrative Regulatory Therapy, click here.

Q: I have already been through conventional cancer treatment (radiation, chemotherapy and/or surgery), but I haven't had a good response. Can Oasis of Hope still help me?

Definitely, yes. One thing we could look at is if your chemotherapy itself was failing, or if the whole treatment program you've been undergoing failed to support the chemotherapy, as well as protect you from its side effects.

The doctors at Oasis of Hope have a very profound, very advanced understanding of cancer tumors' defense mechanisms, and how they can prevent chemotherapy from working properly. And they have a whole arsenal of protocols that protect normal cells from being damaged, and also make tumors more vulnerable to chemotherapy.

Oasis of Hope also offers a Cancer Support Program that is designed to evaluate your present condition, and also offers detoxification and restorative therapies to help your body regain strength and vitality.

For more information on the Cancer Support Program, click here.

I've been diagnosed with cancer, but know that I do not want radiation or chemotherapy. Can I receive alternative treatments only at Oasis of Hope?

Oasis of Hope offers a broad range of nontoxic therapies that treat the whole person, and have a profound and positive effect on the overall wellness of the person. Oasis of Hope provides protocols in its Cancer Support Program that employ therapies proven in studies to improve immune system functioning, and affect other biological processes that are often impaired in patients, to help overcome obstacles to recover health. To learn more about how these protocols can be of benefit, we invite you to come to Oasis of Hope for a consultation and explore all the options you have, and customize a plan to fit your needs. Oasis of Hope will develop your personalized treatment plan without any further obligation. You can then decide if you wish to begin treatment.

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More women die from lung cancer than breast cancer.  Avoiding smoking and second hand smoke at all costs.

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