5-Day Treatment Program

The Cancer Support Program is a pre-conditioning process aimed at preparing your body, mind and spirit to have the best possible outcome with cancer treatment. This program can be used as a complement to the advanced standard-of-care protocols for patients who wish to be treated by the expert oncologists at Oasis of Hope, or for patients who plan to be treated by an independent oncologist.

The Oasis of Hope Cancer Support Program includes:

  • · Medical consultations with our superbly qualified and experienced staff physicians.
  • · Oasis of Hope's Integrative Regulatory Therapy.
  • · Immune enhancement therapies.
  • · Delicious healing meals customized for each patient by Oasis of Hope's skilled nutritional experts.
  • · Emotional and spiritual support provided by our counselors.
  • · Patient education on cancer treatment, nutrition, Integrative Medicine, and ongoing communication answering any questions during the course of treatment.
  • · Our five-year follow-up program that is critical for anyone undergoing cancer treatment.


Oasis of Hope's Integrative Regulatory Therapy (IRT) is one of the most advanced integrative cancer treatment approaches available anywhere in the world.

The Oasis of Hope California's Cancer Support Program is designed to diminish the adverse side effects of chemotherapy.

A unique aspect of this program is that patients can enroll and receive its benefits while receiving chemotherapy from their primary oncologist at another medical center.

The thought of chemotherapy is not pleasant for most people. The main reason for this is the well-known list of side effects, such as pain, fatigue, nausea and hair loss to name a few. However, chemotherapy has proven to work effectively for some types of cancer. Further, if a tumor has become life threatening, due to its location or sheer size, chemotherapy can be a first-line treatment due to its ability to rapidly decrease.

For these reasons, since the clinic's founding in 1963, Oasis of Hope has used chemotherapy when it was deemed the best treatment option. In addition, during the almost half-century since, we have explored virtually every advancement that conventional oncology and alternative medicine have come up with to make them work even better.

We are pleased to put everything we have learned thus far into the Cancer Support Program and offer it at Oasis of Hope California's Center in Irvine.

The Cancer Support Program (CSP) is a five-day program. Admissions are on Monday only, and the program runs every day through the end of Friday. For the best results, you will want to come to Oasis of Hope one week before you are scheduled to receive cancer treatment from your oncologist.

The Cancer Support 5-Day Program includes:

Medical Consultations

  • · Two consultations with our integrative medicine specialist Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD or Dr. Stephanie Mason
  • · Two consultations with our oncologist Dr. Warren H. Fong, MD
  • · General Medical Examination
  • · Evaluation of Medical History
  • · Assess Diagnosis


Lab Work & Radiology

  • · CBC / CMP / Chemistry Panel
  • · T3 Free / T4 Free
  • · TSH / CRP / HB AIC Vitamin D
  • · Tumor Marker (Only if applicable)
  • · DHEA-Sulfate



  • · Five sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • · Five sessions of Intravenous Vitamin-C Therapy
  • · One-month's supply of Supplements and Nutraceuticals
  • · Trental Treatment (Pentoxifylline) (Five sessions)


Detox Program

  • · Lymphatic Massage
  • · Lymphatic Therapy (Light Beam Generator)
  • · Ionic Bath Detoxification
  • · Far Infrared Sauna Therapy


Education, Workshops & Activities

  • · Integrative Regulatory Therapy Class
  • · Nutrition Class
  • · Emotional Support
  • · Spiritual Support
  • · Nutritional Workshop
  • · Companion Workshop
  • · Physical Therapy
  • · Laughter Therapy
  • · Art Therapy



  • · 3 nutritional meals a day for you and your companion


Insurance Verification

  • · Meet with our insurance specialist to go over your benefits


Flight Information and Accommodations

  • · Our staff will gladly help you find a flight and hotel accommodations (if applicable)


Lab Work & Radiology (if necessary)

  • · CT SCAN Chest w/ and w/o Contrast
  • · CT Scan Abdomen w/ and w/o Contrast
  • · CT Scan Pelvis w/ and w/o Contrast


Follow Up Program

Access to our patient follow up program

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Walking briskly for 20 minutes 3 times a week is an easy to do effective anti-cancer action.

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