There are two fundamental pillars to the philosophy of Oasis of Hope California. The first is an ancient medical principle: "First, do no harm." The second was inspired by Scripture: "Love your patient as you love yourself."

The founder of Oasis of Hope, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr. used these two principles to guide his efforts to employ the most effective therapies that had the least side effects, and to find complementary therapies to offset any side effects.

Unfortunately, contemporary medicine has, for the most part, lost sight of these two principles. Cancer treatment in particular, seems completely focused on destroying cancer cells and shrinking tumors, with little regard to the overall well being of the patient. We have treated thousands of patients at Oasis of Hope who lived long, productive, happy lives, even though their tumors never disappeared completely. Many didn't even eventually die from cancer, but from another cause.

Oasis of Hope utilizes a wide array of scientifically validated therapies to heal the body, mind and spirit. But the foundation of all therapies used at Oasis of Hope is love and compassion. And the primary goal of treatment is not necessarily to destroy tumors. Of course, the goal is to extend our patient's lifespan to the maximum possible, but even more than that: it is to empower our patients to live their lives fully and joyfully.

Blend Art and Science

Medicine is considered a science, but you have also heard the practice of doctors as the "medical arts." Dr. Ernesto Contreras believed that good medicine had to be a blend of both. We seem to understand more and more about the human body, but how much do we still not understand – might never understand? DNA was not discovered until 1953, and we are still unraveling that mystery. What other substances or energies govern our body that we might have no idea exist as of today? And who can claim to understand the life, the spirit, that animates our body?

In treating all of his patients, Dr. Contreras looked beyond what the lab results or images presented. He considered every patient as an inconceivably complex and subtle whole human being. He would use his experience and intuition to determine the root needs of each patient, and customize therapy programs to address those needs.

Today his son, medical director Dr. Francisco Contreras, and the entire medical, research and support staffs of the Oasis of Hope, feel proud and privileged to continue that legacy with the same energy, faith and compassion.

Daily Bible Verse

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 2 Corinthians 10:4 (NIV)

Daily Health Tip

Tomatoes and tomato paste are rich in lycopene which helps overcome prostate cancer.

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